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Computer Science Undergraduate

Hi, my name is Harry Day and I am currently studying Computer Science at The University of Manchester. I have a passion for programming and problem solving. Outside of work you can normally find me weight-lifting or watching Formula 1. Check out some of my past and present projects below.

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iOS App

SongLinkr is a simple utility app that takes links to songs, albums and podcasts, and gives you the freedom to choose which platform you view the media on. Utilising the power of Swift and SwiftUI, SongLinkr aims to be a intuitive and natural first class citizen on iOS.

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Gentle Ghosts

Procedural Pixel Art

Gentle Ghosts is a series of 5000 entirely unique pixel art ghosts. Each ghost was unqiuely generated from a vast array of traits to form the whole collection. The generation of each ghost was programmed using Python and downscaling was performed using NodeJS.

The University of Manchester

I am currently studying Computer Science at The University of Manchester which I will graduate from in 2025. During this time I will also have spent a year in industry gaining valuable experience and skills.

John Port Spencer Academy 6th Form

I completed my A Levels at John Port Spencer Academy 6th Form. During this time I studied Further Maths, Maths, Physics and Computer Science achieving A*A*A*A*. As part of the coursework for my Computer Science A Level I produced a working iOS app with a database backend and working API.

John Port Spencer Academy

I went to high school at John Port Spencer Academy where, in the final two years, I completed my GCSE's which included Computer Science, Statistics, Engineering Manufacture and Engineering Systems Control alongside the usual core subjects. Overall I scored 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 8 7 6.